Hair takes on the ICC

A timeline of the events leading up to Darrell Hair's case against the ICC

Oct 9
Darrell Hair drops his racial discrimination case against the ICC "unconditionally". The ICC states that Hair has undertaken to work with ICC management in accordance with the rehabilitation programme over the next six months and that the ICC board willl meet in March to discuss the results and decide whether he can return to elite umpiring, and if so, on what terms.

Oct 8
David Morgan, the ICC president-elect, said on the sixth day of the hearing that initially he did not support the sub-committee's resolution that Hair be demoted. "However, I was in the minority and ultimately supported this. It was clear to me that Darrell had indeed lost the confidence of the ICC board.

Oct 5
A good day for Hair on day five as two senior ICC executives - Sir John Anderson and Ray Mali - give highly unconvincing performances on the witness stand. Mali claims that Hair's demotion was "a corrective measure." He then adds: "I don't see any reason why Mr Hair should not return to the Elite panel and umpire Test matches."

Oct 4
Hair's defence receives a major blow on day four with the news that Billy Doctrove missed his flight to London and will not be appearing for the defence. Jimmy Adams is also a no-show and there a continuing doubts whether Inzamam-ul-Haq will testify,

Oct 3
Hair was branded a mudslinger who tried to blackmail the ICC on the third day of the hearing. Hair had earlier described a phone call in which Rudi Koertzen had referred to the Pakistan team as cheats. "It's sheer mudslinging," Michael Beloff QC, the ICC's barrister, said. "What you were hoping to do was cause the ICC maximum embarrassment and cajole them into making some sort of offer to you." Ivo Tennant's court report.

Oct 2
The second day of Hair's case at the London Central Employment Tribunal. He claims that "if I had been from West Indies or Pakistan or India, I might have been treated differently, like Doctrove". He also says that he lost around US$3.4 million through the ICC's action, admitting he has struggled to get any work since August 2006. Ivo Tennant's court report.

Oct 1
Hair's case opens at London Central Employment Tribunal. Hair's QC tells the hearing his client "was treated the way he was because the ICC bowed to the racially discriminatory pressure that was brought to bear on it by the Asian bloc and ICC board member supporters ... the Asian bloc is dominant in cricket sometimes it uses that dominance inappropriately. Everyone knows it, but most are afraid to say so." The ICC's QC denies the allegations. "[Hair] was not a victim of race discrimination ... he was the author of his own misfortune. In cricketing terms, Mr Hair ran himself out."

Sep 30
Hair tells the BBC that his life has been made "hell" since the events of August 2006.

Sep 28
It is announced that Inzamam-ul-Haq has been summonsed to appear at the hearing in London.

June 28
Hair stands in an Intercontinental Cup tie in Canada.

Feb 7
Hair reppears in Kenya umpiring in the World Cricket League. At a media conference in Nairobi he announces that he has instructed lawyers to take legal action alleging racial discrimination against the ICC and PCB. In the event, his action is only against the ICC.


Nov 4
Percy Sonn, the ICC president, tells the media that the ICC has "lost confidence in Hair" and that his future was under review. "He will not be allowed to officiate in any future international games" involving Full Members, adds Sonn.

Sep 28
Madugalle clears the Pakistan team of ball tampering saying that "the marks were as consistent with normal wear and tear, and with the ball being pitched into the rough and contact with cricket equipment, as they are with deliberate human intervention."

Hair withdrawn from officiating in the Champions Trophy on "safety and security" grounds. At The Oval, Hair faces the world's media in 45-minute press conference. Asked if he will retire, he replies he won't because "I am bloody good".

Sept 25
ICC confirm that Inzamam-ul-Haq will answer charges at a two-day hearing in front of Rohan Madugalle starting at The Oval, starting on Wednesday September 27. Inzamam, Hair, Billy Doctrove and Mike Procter are among those attending.

Sept 4
Malcolm Speed, the ICC CEO, warns Pakistan and Inzamam against making any further "inappropriate" public comments ahead of the hearing saying they risk further charges under the ICC Code of Conduct.

Aug 27
Hair says he received "encouragement" to make his resignation offer from ICC umpires and referees manager Doug Cowie. ICC say discussions were merely "informal".

Aug 25
In an explosive press conference at The Oval, Speed announces that Hair offered his resignation in return for a payment of US$500,000. "Hair was under great stress when he wrote these letters. Darrell had no dishonest, underhand or malicious intent. He was seeking a solution."

Aug 22
Inzamam warns cricket chiefs: Clear me of ball tampering or the tour of England is finished. British newspapers report that England coach Duncan Fletcher visited Procter's room before the start of the fourth day's play. English officials insist no "specific complaint" about the ball was made.

Aug 23
Speed insists Pakistan would have no right of veto over the appointment of Hair for future Tests. Zaheer confirms the team's upcoming one-day series against England will go ahead after a disciplinary hearing involving captain Inzamam was postponed due to the unavailability of Madugalle. Speed on his way to London to help broker a deal that could keep Pakistan's tour of England on track. Hair says he stands by his decision and wants to continue umpiring.

Aug 21
Inzamam says he kept his team off the field to defend his country's pride after allegations of cheating. Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan coach, and team manager Zaheer Abbas both insist their side had not been guilty of ball-tampering. Inzamam is charged with ball tampering and bringing the game into disrepute by ICC. Meanwhile, the PCB says it no longer wants Hair to officiate in any of its team's matches.

Aug 20
The Oval Test is suspended and then abandoned after the umpires, Hair and Doctrove, accuse Pakistan of ball tampering. Pakistan refuse to resume after tea and despite negotiations the umpires decide that they have forfeited the match.