Late to the party
Junaid Siddique has spent most of the ICC World Twenty20 warming the Bangladesh bench, but was finally given an outing in their last match of the tournament. He showed no fear, coming down the track at Sohail Tanvir, who has been Pakistan's bowling find, and then pulling a short ball high into the stands at midwicket. Mohammad Asif also came in for some rough treatment when he over-pitched, and Bangladesh may just have been wishing Siddique had played earlier.
Time to consolidate
Pakistan's spinners struck back with quick wickets and most teams would have taken at least a few moments to reassess the situation before deciding on their next move. However, Siddique was having none of it. Two balls after Bangladesh lost a third wicket in three overs he came down the pitch and launched Mohammad Hafeez handsomely over long-on for consecutive sixes. By the time he was caught on the boundary he had Bangladesh's highest individual score of the tournament.

Take a blow
Mashrafe Mortaza hasn't been too fond of getting in line when he's at the crease, walking away towards square leg and aiming some agricultural heaves over midwicket. It was more of the same here, but on one occasion when Mortaza backed away Umar Gul followed him with a well-directed bouncer. Mortaza took a blow flush on the helmet. He picked up a leg-bye and unsurprisingly didn't last much longer.

Asif goes slow
Asif didn't hit anywhere near top gear, perhaps aware that Pakistan had done the hard work and qualified for the semi-finals. His opening spell was barely medium pace, and he struggled with his line. When he returned for a second stint, however, wickets had tumbled and the batsmen were trying to see out the innings. He bowled an ultra-slow slower-ball at Mortaza, who found himself in a complete tangle and lost his leg stump. But it wasn't Asif's most distinguished spell of the tournament.

When everyone else laughs
It's a sight that makes team-mates and spectators cringe then giggle; a batsman getting hit in a very delicate area. Imran Nazir went to pull the third ball of the innings from Mortaza but failed to make contact and was struck right on the spot. He went down in slow-motion - and struggled to get up again. Fellow players gathered around and the physio came out to see what he could do, however there aren't many options for this type of injury. After a couple of minutes Nazir decided he couldn't carry on and hobbled off, and still had to stop half-way to catch his breath. He then spent a few minutes doubled up on the boundary edge before returning at the fall of the fifth wicket and guiding his team home.

Butt goes to sleep
Bangladesh fought until the end of their involvement in the Twenty20. They executed a bizarre run-out against Salman Butt, who swung the ball into the leg side and completed a single before turning and thinking of a second. His partner, Nazir, sent him back and the throw was coming safely to the wicketkeeper's end. Mushfiqur Rahim collected and noticed Butt was slow returning to his ground. He threw the ball to Mortaza who calmly removed the bails and Butt was gone.