Rashid Khan, the former Pakistan allrounder now coaching China, says the country is developing cricket the right way by focussing on local grass-roots cricket rather than relying on expatriates.

"The biggest plus point for the development and promotion of cricket in China is that the locals are taking interest in it," Khan told Reuters. "The local boys and girls show a lot of potential and interest in cricket. Realistically speaking China is a viable commercial growth market (for cricket)... in the next 10 years.

"It is the ideal platform to globalise the sport," he said. "These people are serious about their cricket. Their fantastic sporting culture gives them a big edge over other countries where cricket is still being promoted."

The ICC sees China as a key country for the growth of cricket. Its delegates frequently visit China and are assisting the Chinese Cricket Association in establishing more facilities.

Khan, who has been coaching China for the past nine months, managed the women's side during the recently concluded Asian Cricket Council tournament in Malaysia.

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