Bangladesh Women 27 for 0 beat Singapore Women 26 for 8 (Rani 3-11, Ghosh 2-3) by ten wickets

Bangladesh won their second consecutive match by 10 wickets, this time against Singapore, to qualify for the semi-final of the ACC Women's Tournament at the Johor Cricket Academy.

Bangladesh were in no danger of losing from the moment they won the toss, proving again that their bowling and fielding is outstanding. The prospect of playing against stiffer competition, Sri Lanka and Pakistan possibly, cannot come soon enough.

Singapore's part-timers did their best and surviving 30 overs of accurate, probing bowling (only two wides from Bangladesh) was an achievement in itself. Young Annapurna Mukherjee faced more than half of all the deliveries Bangladesh had bowled when she finally fell for 7 in the 25th over.

Mukherjee had been involved in two run-outs during her innings and with her remaining partners spurned many a subsequent run-opportunity. Her colleagues often just planted their front foot and let the ball hit their bat. The two times they did try to find the boundary, they were caught, eventually ending up at 26 for 8 off their 30 overs. There were 19 maidens in all. Bangladesh reached their target in the eight over of their innings.

As bowlers they're way far better than any of the others in the competition and as fielders they're possibly on a par with any of the Asian Test-playing countries. Irin Sultana took a brilliant catch today, running fifteen or so yards in from mid-on to scoop a ball one-handed inches off the ground behind the bowler.

She hasn't yet batted in the competition, nor has she bowled but it is obvious she is some cricketer. Sultana's on tour as the reserve wicket-keeper and this was her first ever outfield catch for her country.