Edwards fined for swearing in Test

Fidel Edwards has been fined 15% of his match fee for swearing loudly enough that he could be heard by spectators at the Chester-le-Street Test, and by television viewers. Edwards was found guilty of breaching the ICC Code of Conduct but his level-one offence was not deemed serious enough for the maximum fine of 50% of his match fee.

Alan Hurst, the match referee, said there was some leeway for players to vent their anger but Edwards had acted inappropriately. "When bowling, and in frustration, Fidel swore loudly enough to be heard by spectators at the ground and television audiences," Hurst said.

"We are not saying that players cannot show frustration or demonstrate passion but Fidel's means of doing that was totally unacceptable and does not set an appropriate example. The player regrets his actions and I trust this penalty will serve to ensure it does not occur again."

Edwards was reported by the umpires during the fourth Test between England and West Indies. He was found guilty of breaching clause 1.4 of the Code of Conduct, which relates to "using language that is obscene, offensive or insulting".