Majola confused by Sonn's comments

ICC president Percy Sonn's comments on South Africa's pull out from the tri-series in Sri Lanka citing security risks have left Gerald Majola, the Cricket South Africa CEO, confused. As South Africa departed from Colombo last week, Sonn expressed his disappointment at their decision and that their return "was not in the spirit of the game".

Majola, though, felt otherwise. "If he is so disappointed, he should speak to his own consultants, because they are the ones who found that the situation was unsafe," Majola told News24.com "I especially spoke to him [Sonn] and also sent the report to him in advance. He said nothing then about being disappointed because we had decided to come home. He was completely aware of the whole situation but did not indicate at all to me or anyone at Cricket SA that he was dissatisfied with our decision."

Two weeks after Sonn was made an honorary life member of Cricket South Africa, Majola mocked the move by saying that "he probably had to make a few noises" since he was now ICC president.

At the time of the abandonment of the tri-series in Sri Lanka, Sonn was of the opinion that cricketers should simply play the game and provide entertainment to viewers.