The ECB has offered a solution to Derbyshire's ongoing problem with the sun - or more exactly the fact that it sets behind the bowlers' arm at the County Ground.

At least two matches in the past two years have been shortened because play has been suspended while the sun sets. But the ECB has agreed to an amendment to playing regulations in the Twenty20 Cup and the Pro40.

The change means that provision will be made for a maximum of one hour of extra time to make up for time lost in respect of low, bright sunlight. This means that no overs will be lost if play has to be suspended because of the sun unless more than one hour of time is lost.

"Due to the problems we have experienced with the low sunlight we have looked at a number of possible solutions to the problem and after lengthy consultation with the ECB we have come up with what we believe is the best immediate solution," Tom Sears, Derbyshire's chief executive, said. "The new regulation ensures that the thousands of spectators who enjoy Twenty20 and Pro40 cricket at the County Ground will be able to watch a full match in the event of the sun affecting play."

This provision is made in respect of low, bright sunlight only. The provision does not apply in respect of time lost for any other reason.