Woolmer planned book on Pak experience

Bob Woolmer had planned to write about his experiences as coach of Pakistan as part of a book based on his coaching experiences around the world. He had asked several writers to collaborate, including Ivo Tennant, co-author of Woolmer's original autobiography, and Osman Samiuddin, Pakistan editor, cricinfo.com.

Woolmer made Samiuddin the offer in an email on September 18 last year and revealed that he only planned to write it after the World Cup. "I am going to write a book on my tenure as Pakistan coach," Woolmer wrote to Samiuddin, "and wanted [a Pakistan collaborator - hopefully yourself] also an SA and English one as well so that I can cover probably one of the more interesting periods of my cricket career.

"I shall only start after the World Cup but I need to show a lot of different perspectives and the culture correctly which is where I had hoped you would come in. I have not approached a publisher yet so not sure what is in it for anyone at the moment but I believe regardless of the money the story is worth telling [and] has to be told and in the correct way. I am not a name and shame guy just the honest facts. Let the punter make up his mind etc. No hurry, but hoped you might be interested."

There has been fierce speculation surrounding the book, in particular that it was to reveal details of match-fixing. Tennant, who had already started working on the book, has denied the possibility, whereas Samiuddin had not discussed details. "We never discussed any specifics or details really," Samiuddin said. "Pakistan was going through some controversies at the time with the Oval Test and the doping crisis and he always joked it was great material for the book."

Tennant, writing in The Times, also rubbished the speculation. "Rumours that Bob Woolmer was murdered because he was harbouring information on match-fixing or an association with corrupt bookmakers can be dismissed unequivocally," Tennant wrote.

"As the co-author of his autobiography and its planned sequel, for which a publisher had still to be found, I can state that he had no intention of writing or publicising any such detail in either this or his book on coaching and sports science, which will be published in June."

"He had no knowledge of Hansie Cronje's involvement in match-fixing during his time as coach of South Africa, and, if there had been any such approach to his Pakistan players, he would have told them to report it immediately to the manager or the Board of Control", Tennant wrote. "Doubtless he would then have informed the police himself. Above all, Woolmer was an honest man. He did not mix with dodgy individuals."

Woolmer also has another book, soon to be published and co-authored with Professor Tim Noakes, a sports scientist, on coaching titled, Discovering Cricket: The Art and Science of the Game.

According to a statement released by his family, the book pulls together all the years of experience Bob gained coaching around the world as well as his own unique cricketing philosophies. Noakes and the family have denied that the book has any details on match-fixing in it.

Tragically, the final manuscript reached the West Indies the day after Bob died, the statement said.