Pakistani investigator says evidence 'inconclusive'

"Inconclusive" evidence means that it would be wrong to classify the death of Bob Woolmer as murder, according to a Pakistani investigator who was sent to Jamaica to assist with the investigation

Mir Zubair Mahmood, a Karachi-based detective who was part of the two-member investigation team dispatched by the government last month, reflected on the lack of evidence. "We have gone through all the confidential investigation which I cannot share with you because it would be unethical, but I can say that at this point no-one can say that it was a murder or a natural death."

The comments cast doubt over earlier comments by police there that Woolmer had been murdered. "Several tests have been sent to Scotland Yard and the results are awaited," Mahmood said. "And the most I can say [is] that the investigation ... is inconclusive."

The Pakistani investigation team returned from the Caribbean last week and handed in a 40-page report on the findings in Jamaica to the interior secretary last week. The report follows a report in a British newspaper that suggested Woolmer might have been poisoned by a weedkiller, high concentrations of which were found in his stomach and on the outside of a champagne glass.