Woolmer died of natural causes, claims newspaper

Scotland Yard detectives have told Jamaican police that Bob Woolmer, the former Pakistan coach, was not murdered, according to a report in the UK's Daily Mail. "Mr Woolmer was not a well man," a source close to the inquiry told the Daily Mail. "It is now accepted that he died of natural causes."

Police have been treating the case as murder shortly after Woolmer's body was discovered in a Kingston hotel on March 18. But the change of tack came after an investigation by a UK Home Office pathologist who flew to Jamaica to help.

It is claimed the authorities will announce Woolmer died of a heart failure caused by chronic ill health and possibly diabetes at a press conference next week. However, Karl Angell, the Jamaica police's director of communications, told The Gleaner he did not know of any planned news conference for next week.

The BBC has also apparently reached similar conclusions as the Mail after an investigation of its own and backed the latter's claim that Scotland Yard had told Jamaican police officials Woolmer's death was not murder.

The Mail's report added, however, that Gill Woolmer had heard nothing about her husband dying of natural causes.