Woolmer's toxicology reports may take eight weeks

Mark Shields, the chief investigator, says it may take another eight weeks to get the final results of Bob Woolmer's toxicology tests. The reports are crucial to proving whether Woolmer was poisoned or drugged and the delay means a quick end to the investigation is unlikely.

"It's in everyone's interest to know exactly when he died and how," Shields said in the Sunday Times. "But frustrating as it may be, science goes at a certain pace."

Shields denied reports Woolmer was alive when he was found in his hotel room on March 18 by staff at the Pegasus Hotel in Jamaica. "There were two doctors and a nurse," he said. "Having spoken to them, they said there were no visible signs of life."

Gill Woolmer, Bob's widow, had given permission for the publication of the book which will be published in September. "I want to keep Woolmer's name going for the next 100 years and we shall ask one of his successors to update it in the years to come," Tim Noakes, a Professor of Sports Science at Cape Town University, told The Times.

The proceeds will go to the Bob Woolmer Trust, on which Noakes, Barry Richards and Jonty Rhodes, the former South Africa batsmen, are trustees.