No cancellation of Barbados matches

The man in charge of preparing Barbados for next year's World Cup has denied reports that that matches at the Kensington Oval had been cancelled in the lead-up to the tournament.

Stephen Alleyne, the chief executive of the Barbados organising committee, has reacted to reports suggesting that the ground development had fallen behind schedule and matches early in 2007 would have to be called off by clarifying that there were never any plans to host first-class matches at the ground prior to the World Cup.

"Following the pitch-testing in September of this year, in concert with the [World Cup planners] we agreed a programme for the re-growth of grass which did not allow nor anticipate any first-class cricket until the beginning of the event.

"The other fact mitigating against first-class games is that the first quarter of next year has been reserved for the overlay completion in preparation for the tournament. I am happy to report that all is proceeding according to plan."