Adam Gilchrist
"No bowling attack was good enough when he was in the zone. He was a loyal friend who was never totally comfortable with the glare of the public. He simply wanted to be an entertainer."

Andrew Symonds
"I'm just stunned at the news. I think his contribution to Australian cricket in the past ten years has been enormous and his record will stand for itself in the years to come. He should be seen as a legend."

Dennis Lillee
"I think everyone knows when the time is right and he obviously feels that. He has made that decision and we respect him for that and everyone else should. In his time he was in the best top four or five batsmen in the world."

Ian Chappell
"I hope he is remembered fondly. At times he's been a damn good player and I hope that is how Australian cricket remembers him - a damn good player who was easy on the eye."

Ricky Ponting
"He is one of the world's most unsung players in both forms of the game and I don't think it is really understood how good a player he actually is."

Michael Slater
"It just seems that this media scrutiny that he was starting to come under, it was the final blow for him. He wasn't prepared to go through it. It was obviously going to wear him down. It's now time to celebrate his 67 Test matches and the immaculate one-day career."

Wayne Clark
"It is a surprising decision, but a very courageous decision on his part. He has been under a fair bit of pressure to hold his position, his private life is as good as it has been and he's satisfied with where he is at."

James Sutherland, Cricket Australia's chief executive
"Damien's decision has come as a surprise to us. He has been a wonderful servant to Australian cricket for many years and has played an integral part in Australia being the number one Test and ODI team in the world."