Damien Martyn desperately needs a big score in the third Test to rescue his career, according to Mark Waugh. Waugh, who spent a decade as Australia's No.4, said there were similarities between himself and Martyn.

"He looks like I did at the end of my career," Waugh told the Sydney Morning Herald. "I felt OK but kept getting out. He's trying to be positive and get on top of the bowlers, but perhaps he needs patience to build a score. He needs a score and needs it soon.

"He's hitting it well but hasn't got the scores. On Tuesday he had a rush of blood, trying to finish the game quickly. There's pressure on him, with Michael Clarke having gone so well. He would know if it came to a choice, selectors would probably favour the younger man."

But the man who could be promoted to No.4, Michael Hussey, said calls for Martyn's axing were unreasonable. "I think that's grossly unfair," Hussey told The Australian. "He's been in outstanding form and the thing is, this game of cricket, it's such a great leveller. It just takes one good ball and you're out.

"He's in good form and he's a vital member of our team. He was over the moon as much as anyone to win the Test. I don't know what's going to happen, but I certainly hope he's still in the team."

Dean Jones, who made way for Martyn to make his Test debut in 1992, said the Perth Test would likely be Martyn's final chance. "There's got to be a time when we make a hard call, and we've made a hard call on him already in the past," Jones said in The Age. "He was probably surprised he got called back so quickly, so he will play the next Test, but I've got a feeling it will be last throw of the dice."