Demonstrations at Israel match

Protesters have staged demonstrations over the current conflict Lebanon during Israel's match against Norway in the European Championships in Glasgow.

The Stop the War Coalition said the match in Glasgow should not be taking place amid the Middle East conflict. An earlier game involving the Israeli team, scheduled for Thursday, was called off on public safety grounds and this match is being played behind closed doors. Dozens of police were stationed outside the ground for Saturday's match.

The European Cricket Council, which arranged the match, said it appreciated "the seriousness of the situation in the Middle East". But it added: "The ECC and its parent body, the International Cricket Council (ICC), are not political organisations; the task of both bodies is to promote and encourage cricket, a game that embraces diversity, and that mission is the driving force behind this tournament.

"Both the ECC and the ICC believe this tournament can send out a positive message by showing the value of sport as a force for good and something to be enjoyed."