Don't complain about tough schedule, says Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar, the former Indian captain, has said he is shocked that players are complaining about the packed schedule while adding that the hard grind came with the honour of representing one's country.

"I can't see the problem, these players are turning out for their countries, it's an honour to represent your country," Gavaskar said on a television programme. "I would be willing to sweat 365 days in a year for India. Those who can't stand the heat should stay out."

Tim May, the president of the Federation of International Cricketers Association, said that there was a possibility of a player strike if the ICC did not amend the tight playing schedule. "We're frustrated, we're concerned and we're disappointed the ICC and the member countries aren't abiding by principles that are supposed to be abided by in the scheduling of tours," May told Australia's The Sun-Herald. "It's a revenue-raising frenzy. It's pushing the players into a position where they're just going to say, 'No, it's too much, we're walking away from this, we're not going to play in these games'.

"Guys start going through the motions. Their bodies are extremely fatigued. They just can't keep doing it. Some players are already making a stand. Shane Warne only plays one form of the game. Brian Lara is becoming very selective in the tours he goes on and the forms he plays. Shahid Afridi isn't playing Tests because he says the amount Pakistan are playing is ridiculous. He's taken a brave step and, quite frankly, it's a step countless players are contemplating. If that's good for the game, I'm in the wrong business."