Andre Nel in trouble over Gilchrist row

Andre Nel may be summoned to appear in front of the match referee following his altercation with Adam Gilchrist on the fourth afternoon at Kingsmead.
The row happened when Gilchrist, sent in to push for quick runs as Australia's declaration loomed, hammered Nel's 14th over for 22. Nel, whose snarling aggression is well known, chuntered and growled his way through the over, applauding sarcastically and repeatedly appearing to let Gilchrist know just what he thought.

At the end of the over Nel kept talking and reports suggest that Gilchrist told him that he would be better off showing some respect. Nel was having none of that, and it took a firm hand from Smith to eventually lead him away from the batsmen.

Matthew Hayden later told reporters than all Nel had achieved was to encourage Gilchrist. "I wouldn't take a chance and wind up Gilly," he grinned. "He could just really get cross and really climb into your bowling."

While Nel's antics are usually tolerated, many thought that this time he had gone too far. The reaction off the pitch was one of condemnation, with former England captain Alec Stewart, working for Sky Sports as an analyst, saying that he had had let himself and his country down. "If I was Nel I'd be embarrassed," Stewart said. "Look in the mirror and ask yourself a few questions."

"There are times when you can get away with a chirp at the batsman and there are times when you should just be quiet," added Allan Donald. "This was one of those times."

But Micky Arthur, South Africa's coach, backed his man. "He always gives 110%. He is a wholehearted man who is proud to play for his country, gives his all for his country and we will back him up all the way and we will give him everything he needs to carry on delivering."