Is Vivian Richards the most effective ODI player?

Some statistics, like Bradman's average and the number of centuries Tendulkar has made are known to pretty much every cricket buff. But The List will bring you facts and figures that aren't so obvious, adding fuel to those fiery debates about the most valuable middle-order bat, and the most useless tailender. If there's a particular List that you would like to see, e-mail us with your comments and suggestions.

Who would you prefer in your one-day team? A grafter with an average of 44.18 and a strike-rate of 70.42, or a dasher who scores at 97.82 with an average of 32.21? The List looks at players who have combined both, and have emerged as some of the most effective one-day players.

To rank batsmen, we've multiplied the batsman's average by his strike-rate and divided the result by 100 to arrive at an index.

In spite of one-day cricket increasingly becoming a batsmen's game in the last ten years, Viv Richards still tops the list of best ODI batsmen. But three current players, Michael Hussey, Kevin Pietersen and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have had fairytale starts to their careers and, at the moment, easily push Richards to fourth place on the list.

Hussey averages 95.79 at a strike-rate of 98.05, giving him a whopping batting index of 93.93. Pietersen's equivalent is 68.61 and Dhoni's 58.66. Unfortunately, they do not make our qualification of having played at least 50 innings.

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    For the bowlers, we have multplied the bowling average by the runs conceded per ball to arrive at a comparable number. Shane Bond, whose career has been interrupted by injuries as often as there are dashes in Morse code, is the only current bowler in the top ten with Glenn MCgrath coming in at No.11.

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    To arrive at the leading allrounders in one-dayers, we calculated the differences between batting and bowling index and ranked the differences in descending order.

    It's perhaps a surprise that Richards emerges atop the allrounders list ahead of Imran Khan, Ian Botham and Andrew Flintoff. A look at his stats reveal that his bowling record was more than competent and when coupled with his batting, Richards was an extremely effective allrounder - a superior version of Sachin Tendulkar to draw a modern-day parallel.

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    For those of you who didn't guess, the grafter and the cavalier mentioned at the beginning were Jacques Kallis and Virender Sehwag.

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