Lehmann backs 'Baby Boof' for World Cup

Mark Cosgrove, the South Australia left-hander, can win the World Cup for his country, according to Darren Lehmann. Cosgrove, nicknamed `Baby Boof' for his size and batting resemblance to Lehmann, is only 21, but this summer he has already collected 574 Pura Cup runs at 82.00 and 452 at 90.94 in the ING Cup.

"He has really improved this year and he is the guy they need to really look after and play in the next couple of one-day series to get him to the World Cup," Lehmann, who watched Cosgrove take 121 from Western Australia on Wednesday, said in The Advertiser. "They need to get him to the World Cup really quickly. He is a bloke who can win a World Cup for Australia - he is that good."

Cosgrove was suspended by South Australia earlier in the season because he was overweight, but Lehmann said if he was promoted to the national squads he would be helped with his size and fitness as well as his bowling and fielding. "He is that good a player," Lehmann said. "He hits the ball as clean as I have ever seen anyone hit them. We have got to make sure we get him in there and look after him."