Viv Richards has called on the Caribbean's governments to get behind West Indies and help rebuild them into a force to be reckoned with. Speaking to the London-based Voice newspaper, Richards was typically forthright, calling on those running the game at the moment to stand down.
"In order to create confidence there are many individuals who are in administrative roles in West Indies cricket who need to vacate their positions," he said. "What we are seeing on the field is a result of administrative failures. As long as that problem remains the belief factor among the players will be minimal.

"There seems to be no desire to win at the boardroom level. Results don't matter. And there are people there who are just hanging on until after the World Cup in 2007. They should vacate their positions now and not drag West Indies cricket down any further."

And he warned that unless there was change, things could continue to slide. "If we keep these individuals running our affairs we will only get worse. We need leaders in every department and the evidence is there that those who are now required to carry out certain functions are just not up to the jobs."

Richards did not rule himself out as being someone who could led West Indies' recovery, even though his time as head of selection was not overly successful. "I am willing to accept any opportunity that presents itself. When I was involved there were many decisions that I wanted to take but I did not get the support. That was why we were not clicking as a unit.

"I am deeply concerned about the path we are taking at the minute. Everyone is hoping that we will host a good World Cup and that the West Indies will do well. But what will happen after that? We need a fresh administration at this point that will have to look beyond 2007 and create the vision which will put West Indies cricket where we should be in world cricket."