Garnett Kruger of the Lions and Zander de Bruyn from the Titans have been suspended for one Supersport match after being found guilty of breaching the United Cricket Board's (UCBSA) code of conduct.

Kruger was found guilty of conduct that brought the game into disrepute during the SuperSport match between the Lions and Cape Cobras at Johannesburg between November 10 and 13. de Bruyn was charged with two offences; dissent at an umpiring decision and of unruly behaviour, but was found guilty of just the second offence. de Bruyn's were committed during the match between the Dolphins and the Titans at Durban.

Meanhwile, Mpho Sekhoto and Gerhard de Bruin, both from Gauteng, were also found guilty of breaching the code of conduct in seperate incidents during the same SAA Provincial Challenge game and have each been suspended for one three-day challenge match. Sekhoto was found guilty of conduct which could bring them, the UBCSA or the game of cricket into disrepute and de Bruin of dissent towards an umpiring decision.