This is the full text of a report by the two umpires officiating in the match between Namibia and Bermuda

29th October 2005

The Chairman
Namibia Cricket Board

The President
Bermuda Cricket Board

Dear Sirs

Report: Namibia vs Bermuda

The following is the sequence of events which occurred in the above mentioned match played at United Ground on 28th October which led to the umpires awarding the match to Namibia in accordance with Law 21.

In the 36th over of the Bermuda innings (bowler K Burger in his 10th over) with the score at 186 for 7 chasing 388:

1. The first three balls of the over went for one run each.
2. The fourth ball was a short pitched ball which cleared the batsman Hurdle's head and was duly called and signaled by Umpire Dill, who advised batsman and bowler "one for the over".
3. The next ball was short of a good length, not above shoulder height, deemed to be intimidatory, called and signaled no ball by Umpire Dill.
4. A brief discussion took place between Umpire Dill and the Namibian captain, Louis Burger during which Burger was informed that the ball was intimidatory for the skill level of a number 10 batsman. Also the bowler was told that this was a first warning.
5. The final ball was bowled down the leg side, duly called and signalled wide by Umpire Dill.
6. The batsman at the crease were then immediately called off the field by Bermuda's Coach, Gus Logie.


(not signed as sent electronically)

JJ Luck R Dill

cc Richard Done