Geoff Marsh, the coach who took Australia to the 1999 World Cup, has not ruled out seeking a return to the job if John Buchanan's contract is not renewed next month. Buchanan's position has come under heavy scrutiny after the 2-1 Ashes loss and he admitted yesterday that his role deserved to be analysed.

Marsh told The Australian an offer to mentor the national side would be tempting. "You'd have to think about it," Marsh, who has also coached Zimbabwe, said. "Down the track you never know. I would never rule it out."

With a Cricket Australia review of the game already started, Marsh said the Ashes loss was "a big reality check" for Australia. "It's an opportunity for every single person in Australian cricket to sit back now and have a look where we're at in a lot of areas," he said. "You get on these winning streaks and you take things for granted. It's a good opportunity to find out where we are."

The Courier-Mail reported three suggestions for a new model if Buchanan is retained, including telling him to change his managing methods, hiring batting and bowling specialists to work with a head coach, or employing him as a manager with a hands-on coach underneath. England showed their forward-thinking by using Troy Cooley as a bowling advisor and the reverse-swing and team attack was crucial to winning the Ashes.