Certain newspapers of today, 11th May 2005, carried an AFP report pertaining to Mr. Arjuna Ranatunaga replacing Mr. Aravinda de Silva at the ICC Cricket Committee Meeting to be held in Dubai, UAE on the 16th and 17th of May 2005. This article also gives reference to a statement by Mr. Aravinda de Silva on this issue wherein he has stated that it is disgusting how officials administering cricket can twist facts to suit their convenience.

The members of the Interim Committee have no reason whatsoever and will never twist facts to suit their own or anyone else's convenience, as they intend carrying out their duties in a very transparent manner.

With regard to the statement made by the undersigned on this issue as mentioned by Mr. Aravinda de Silva, the general public is kindly requested to refer to the Daily Mirror Sports Page of Thursday 05th May 2005 and the article written by Mr. Leonard Ratnayake which Mr. Aravinda de Silva has neither corrected or denied, Aravinda to quit in disgusts.

I am certain that Mr. Aravinda de Silva will accept the AFP report as being totally contradictory to the report made by Mr. Leonard Ratnayake. I am sure that Mr. Aravinda de Silva being a great cricketer would not make contradictory statements within one week.