The Akmal-Razzaq show

Usually, If Abdul Razzaq is involved in any partnership, you'd expect him to have the lion's share of the runs scored. However, on the last day of the Mohali Test, Razzaq put forward an awesome exhibition of defensive batsmanship, eschewing his natural aggressive style and showing abundant patience.

As the graphic below shows, Razzaq only only contributed 46 to the 184-run partnership, while Akmal made 109. Razzaq's runs came from 183 balls, which translates into 30.3 overs - that's a scoring rate of 1.5 runs per over. He managed only two boundaries -a four and a six, and played out 153 dot balls. It was an amazing display of self-restraint, and it paid off for him and his team.

Meanwhile, Akmal's wagon-wheel demonstrates his strength on the off side, and is perhaps a pointer to where the Indians should bowl to him through the rest of the series. He was prolific through the third man and cover region - we might well see a tighter off-side cordon and a straighter line for him when he bats next.