Lakshmipathy Balaji will miss the upcoming Test series against Australia due to his groin injury. Andrew Leipus, the team physiotherapist, confirmed that Balaji was surely ruled out of action for the next two months and added that the recovery process might take much longer.

The Telegraph, a Kolkata-based daily, reported Leipus as saying: "Well, he's off cricket for at least two months and complete recovery from the groin problem may take four-five ... He's still in pain, but nothing much can be done."

Balaji was suffering from a bone inflammation on both sides of the pelvis and Leipus said that the recovery process would take time. "Painkillers aren't the solution, in fact they may retard the recovery process."

Leipus had also consulted Chris Bradshaw, a doctor based in London, and added, "Dr Bradshaw's opinion is that nature must be allowed to take its course. More than anything else, Balaji has to focus on the rehab programme. As for the pain, Dr Bradshaw believes it's going to go away one morning. That Balaji will wake up without discomfort."

Balaji is scheduled to return home and will leave Birmingham for London on Friday morning. Balaji admitted that it was a setback and added, "But it's not the end of my career. I reckon things are going to be better once the pain goes. I'll be back, that's for sure."