Lara reported by umpires

Not much has gone right for Brian Lara in the last fortnight. And now on top of his own personal dip in form and West Indies' dismal performances, he has been reported by the umpires to Mike Procter, the ICC's match referee.

The complaint stems from Lara's argument with Daryl Harper and Billy Bowden at the close on Sunday night when he remonstrated animatedly after the England batsmen were offered the light for the second time, minutes after declining to go off. Although the specifics of the discussion were unclear, Lara's anger was clear to see. More than once he started to walk away, only to turn and resume his finger-wagging exchange with the umpires.

At Kingston, Lara's bad language had been audible on the stump microphones when he debated a similar incident, but on that occasion no action was taken. This time he faces an official hearing.