Streak and Flower reject mediation offer

Heath Streak and Grant Flower have rejected the latest conciliation effort by the Zimbabwe Cricket Union (ZCU) on Friday.

On Thursday, the ZCU proposed a "mediation mechanism" to help resolve the current imbroglio in Zimbabwe. The ZCU suggested independent arbitration and mentioned Much Masunda, a prominent businessman, as the mediator.

After the negotiations the ZCU expected the players to make themselves available for the third match of the onogoing one-day series against Sri Lanka. But according to a source close to the ZCU, Streak and Flower turned down the proposal outright. However, they agreed to speak to their colleagues about it.

Under a previous instruction, the 15 white players were ordered to report for practice and make themselves available for selection, or face suspension and possible dismissal. The deadline for the players remains May 7, which coincides with the second day of the first Test against Sri Lanka at Harare.