Udal banned for three years

Shaun Udal has been banned from playing league cricket for Camberley, his club side, for three years after being found guilty of "physical violence on and threats to an opposition player." Udal, who played ten ODIs for England in the 1990s, turned out for Camberley in the Surrey Championship when his county commitments with Hampshire allowed.

The incident which led to the ban occurred when Camberley played Cranleigh at the end of July, and an altercation took place between Udal and Cranleigh's Australian legspinner Alex Wyatt. Udal, who was batting at the time, and Wyatt exchanged comments and witnesses said that an altercation followed and contact was made between the pair who had to be separated by members of the fielding side.

"It does take a lot to get me riled," Udal said after the league hearing had imposed the severe punishment. "When I was batting, one of the opposition players severely insulted one of my team-mates, who has a disability. A minor fracas took place with a bit of pushing and shoving but there was no fighting and certainly no punches were thrown. Sadly, the umpires didn't step in, which is rather symptomatic of the weak officiating that can exist in club cricket. But the other player and I had a beer in the clubhouse afterwards and said our apologies.

"I accepted there might be some repercussions but I am not going to lose any sleep over the punishment. The disciplinary committee presumably decided they wanted to make an example of me and that is precisely what they have done." Although Udal is generally regarded as a mild-mannered character, it is not the first time that he has been in trouble while playing for Camberley. In 1996 he was banned for the rest of the season following an alleged assault on an opponent after a match.