Shaun Pollock fined 100 per cent of match fee for dissent, Boucher cleared

South Africa's Shaun Pollock has been fined 100 per cent of his match fee after being found guilty of dissent while team-mate Mark Boucher was cleared of using obscene language in the third One Day International match between Pakistan and South Africa in Faisalabad yesterday.

Shaun Pollock was reported by umpire Darrell Hair for showing dissent after questioning the judgement of the umpire.

In a post-match hearing he was found guilty by ICC Match Referee Clive Lloyd of a breach of Level 2.2 of the ICC Code of Conduct.

"It is important that players do not show any dissent to umpires," said Mr Lloyd.

"Umpires have a difficult enough task as it is and players must learn to respect their authority."

In a separate hearing, Mark Boucher was cleared of a charge of using obscene language following an incident reported by the same umpire.

"We have so far witnessed three closely contested matches in front of big crowds and I hope that the rest of the series will be played in the right spirit by both sides," added Mr Lloyd.

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