John Davison recovering from pre-season injury, and other news

1. We wish John Davison a speedy recovery from a minor preseason mishap and wish him best wishes on and off the field in the new season.

2. "Jeffrey Thomas and the Canadian Cricket Association have come to a mutually satisfactory resolution of issues arising out of Thomas' departure as coach of the National cricket team in late November 2002. Thomas has returned to his native Australia where he continues to coach. In February and March 2003, the Canadian national senior cricket team went on to participate in the Cricket World Cup in South Africa. The Canadian team performed outstandingly ins several games. The Canadian Cricket Association and Thomas wish each other well in their future endeavours."

3. Aftab Shamsudeen was the Red Stripe Bowl replacement for Nicholas Ifill. The RSB invitational squad is being coached by Phillip Service and assisted by Andre Coley both of Jamaica. Service is also coaching Jerome Lawson, who is also scheduled for some further training in Australia.

4. Canada's U-19 team will compete in the U-19 World Cup in Bangladesh starting on February 15th 2004.

5. Canada is also scheduled to participate in the 6 Nations Tournament in UAE and in the Intercontinental Cup 3 day competition in Bermuda and hosting the USA next summer.