Glenn McGrath has admitted that his well-publicised argument with Ramnaresh Sarwan on the fourth day of the Antigua Test left him feeling "pretty terrible".

The images of McGrath and Sarwan standing toe-to-toe and shouting at each other appeared throughout the world and attracted considerable criticism. The Australian Cricket Board went as far as telling Steve Waugh that he had to assert greater control over his players.

Speaking to the Australian Associated Press following his team's arrival in Jamaica, McGrath said that the incident affected him, adding that "I don't want to feel that way again. It's not something that just happens and then that's finished. It's something that I do go on thinking about. I have worried about it quite a bit over the last few days.

"It has affected me. I feel like I am more quiet than I normally am. I would like to have a time machine and change the things I haven't been happy with. I just have to keep working at it. The way to do that is to not put myself in that situation. If you don't work on something you might as well give the game away."

What sparked the confrontation is unclear, although AAP reported that McGrath taunted Sarwan who replied in kind, adding that McGrath should ask his wife the answer. "I could sit here and make plenty of excuses but it still doesn't justify why it happened," McGrath said. "I guess I just got a bit frustrated.

"It's something that I have worked on quite a bit, especially since becoming a father. I am a little bit disappointed in myself that I did do it."

McGrath and Sarwan subsequently apologised to each other, and both captains went out of their way to praise their opposition in the post-match interviews in an attempt to paper over the cracks.