Pakistan CC website now live

Pakistan CC, former Open League winners and ACA Trophy winners, and the traditional organisers of the Embassy Cup, have joined the growing number of clubs in Austria by having their own website. Their site can be reached at:


The Internet has rapidly become an integral part of cricket in Austria, with the ACA website hosted on Cricinfo receiving close to 100,000 hits, whilst the ECC Trophy website in August 2001 was used to keep fans around Europe informed of the progress of their teams in the tournament held in Seebarn. Cricinfo sent out Travis Barevi to provide live updates from the final between Portugal and Austria, which allowed rapid updates to appear on the Internet.

Results have been posted on the ACA website for the last four years, and it provides the most uptodate news, as well as copies of various administrative documents, to make running a club easier for club secretaries and committees. In November 2002 the Open Directory Project, which is a volunteer-run directory for websites, and which is often used by other search engines, bestowed the "Cool Website" tag on the ACA site.

Many clubs use their homepages to attract new players and the "I want to play!" initiative, set up on the ACA website in 2002 has already seen clubs benefiting from new players, with club websites also attracting new members on a regular basis - one such example is the Vienna CC website from which four players have joined the club in the last month alone. No doubt there will soon be more online presences for cricket clubs in Austria