Statement by Roger Brathwaite, acting Chief Executive Officer of the WICB

THE West Indies Cricket Board and the West Indies Players Association held a meeting on Friday afternoon.

Rev. Wes Hall, President of the WICB, Evelyn Greaves, the Industrial Relations Consultant of the WICB, and myself met with members of the executive of the WIPA, Dinanath Ramnarine, President; Phil Simmons, Vice President; and Wavell Hinds, Treasurer.

At the end of the discussions, we are able to report that play in the semifinals of the Carib Beer 2003 Cricket Series will commence in Barbados and Guyana, starting on Saturday, March 29. We outlined to the WIPA we cannot operate under a situation of durest and the first issue facing the WICB is that the players would have to commence play.

We also established a number of issues that will be placed on the agenda for immediate discussion between the WICB and the WIPA.


1. The establishment of future collective bargaining procedures between the WICB and the WIPA.

2. The WICB is prepared to commence negotiations with the WIPA from Wednesday, April 3, with both sides being represented by their industrial relations advisors.

3. The development of a mutually agreed format for identifying membership of the WIPA.

4. The WICB will unreservedly recognise the WIPA as the Bargaining Agent for the players as long as it is satisfied of the authenticity of its membership.

5. The WICB is prepared to financially support training in leadership and industrial relations for the members of the WIPA and the WICB.


1. For the purposes of this negotiation, the WIPA represent the interest of all first-class players.

2. The issues for negotiation and discussion are:

a. Player fees for Carib Beer 2003 Cricket Series et seq.
b. Compensation for injury and loss earnings for West Indies players from 1999 onwards.
c. Payment for Ryan Hinds.
The above issues form a binding agreement on all parties.