Austria anticipating massive weekend of Cricket

Concordia CC's Markommannenstrasse ground, which will be one of the co-hosts for the forthcoming ECC Notts Sport Trophy, will be officially opened on Saturday 21st June, 2003. To mark the occasion, there will be matches between Tegernsee CC, Concordia CC and MacSports CC from Bangalore.

The European Development Programme's Dave Gelling, within whose "diocese" Austria falls, will also be over for a RCPI coaching visit which will see a youth coaching event feature both Austrians and Slovaks, at the ground. Vladimir Chudacik, who brought the Slovaks to Vienna for their inaugural visit to Austria in late May, will once again be bringing cricketer to Vienna, an arrangement which will become a frequent occurrence, it is hoped.

The same weekend will see Crusaders CC, from Melbourne, led by Robert "Swan" Richards will be visiting for their third trip, playing a Vienna CC team on Saturday 21st, and an Austrian team on Sunday 22nd. Erwin Grasinger and Tim Simpson, both indigenous Austrian cricketing talents, have previously spent time in Melbourne through the Crusaders Scholarship system, and it has brone fruits in terms of the level of their game.

Last and by no means least, United Nations CC, fresh from their tour of Ljubljana, where they played Ljubljana CC and Zagreb CC, winning both games, will be entertaining Kerala State Association, from India, on Sunday 22nd June, capping a massive cricketing weekend in Austria.