Two stalwarts of South African and Natal cricket have died with 24 hours of each other. Dereck Dowling and Walter "Billy" Wade, both 89, Passed away in Durban at the end of last week, Dowling on May 30 and Wade on May 31.

Wade was unable to tour, but played in 11 Tests for South Africa, against England in 1938-39 and 1948-49 and then against Australia in 1949-50. An unorthodox striker, he played for South Africa as a wicketkeeper/batsman although, as John Arlott observed, he had little liking for wicketkeeping and often played for Natal as a batsman.

The rrother of the former South African captain Herby Wade, he died in the same house he had lived in all his life.

Dowling, an allrounder who bowled legspin, played for Natal and Border either side of the war but came into his own as an administrator, and was a former president of Natal.