Hossain can play despite being report reported

Sanwar Hossain was cleared to play for Bangladesh against Australia in the three-match ODI series despite being reported to the International Cricket Council for having a suspect bowling action. However, he runs the risk of being no-balled if the umpires feel that he is throwing the ball.

Hossain was reported by David Shepherd, Rudi Koertzen and Steve Davis, the three umpires at the second Test at Cairns, after they reviewed tape of his bowling action. The issue is now under the ICC's jurisdiction and over the next six weeks Hossain and the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) will have the opportunity to work on any areas of concern.

"Hossain will be able to continue to play during this time," the ICC said yesterday. "But the bowler remains subject to being called on the field by an umpire in accordance with the laws of the game". With Shepherd to officiate in all three one-dayers, and Davies to stand in the second match, Hossain will be under scrutiny. The on-field umpires can no-ball him for chucking and repeated offences could see him taken out of the attack.

Hossain's questionable delivery is a back-hander similar to one used by Sri Lanka's Muttiah Muralitharan. Muralitharan, whose action has repeatedly been questioned, has been cleared on a number of occasions because of his flexible elbow. But Hossain's copycat delivery looks as if it involves a straightening of the arm as he flicks the ball out of his hand.

Hossain is at stage one of the ICC's process for dealing with suspect actions, which allows him to continue to play while working with advisers to be appointed by his home board and a human movement specialist from an ICC panel. This stage will last up to six weeks. At that point a detailed report will be submitted to the ICC.

If Hossain's action is not remedied in the next six weeks and he is reported again, he could risk a formal hearing and could be banned for 12 months under the ICC guidelines.