Whatmore defends Sanwar Hossain

Dav Whatmore, the Bangladesh coach, has said that Sanwar Hossain is likely to play in the ODI series against Australia, despite being reported to the ICC for a suspect action.

"Under the processes laid down he's able to play," Whatmore said. "He's a batsman as well (as a bowler) and he's a good fielder. Whether he bowls or not is up to the captain on the field."

One delivery of Hossain in particular - when he flicks the ball with a backhanded motion - appears to be under suspicion, but Whatmore said he did not know whether the spotlight would be on that ball or on his action in general. "We don't know whether it's that ball ... we don't know what the umpires have written down.

"A media release - that's all I've seen. I haven't had anything official from the ICC. I should be getting the umpires' report, but the process slows up because it goes to London and London sends it back to the (Bangladesh) cricket board and the cricket board sends it back to us," said Whatmore. "So I think we have to be a little bit patient."

Whatmore said that delivery of Hossain's was similar to that bowled by a number of international stars, including Muttiah Muralitharan, Saqlain Mushtaq and Shoaib Malik, and that it would appear unfair if Hossain alone were pulled up for it.

"I spoke to him (Hossain) yesterday and he feels he's bowling legitimately. He must feel some pressure - it's only natural."