'Nothing went to plan': Vaughan

Michael Vaughan's first day as Test captain hardly went according to plan, but he was forthcoming and honest with the media in the evening, as he discussed England's batting debacle. Here's what Vaughan and Mahkaya Ntini - South Africa's hero with the ball - had to say after the first day's play.

Michael Vaughan
On a disastrous first day as captain
"It was just a day to scrap to one side, because nothing went to plan. We're up against it, and that's an understatement.

"I believe in being open about things. Today there's no point in lying and saying the conditions didn't suit us and we were unlucky. We just weren't good enough. Sometimes it's best to front up and say that today, my first day as England captain, didn't quite go to plan.

"We were going to bat anyway so there are no excuses there. The cloud came over, there was a little bit of drizzle, they put the ball in the right areas and it just did enough. We're pretty honest in the dressing room - we didn't play well enough as a batting unit.

"Every time we snicked it, it went to hand. Every shot we played seemed to go down their throats; it was just not a good day to remember, really."

On whether he had confronted the team in the dressing room "I don't think shouting and screaming is going to change the fact that we only got 170 and they're near our total for one down. We've got to turn up tomorrow and try to have a better day, but it's going to be very difficult, because I know from experience that when you get near someone's total it becomes a lot easier to bat."

On rumours of Nasser Hussain's imminent retirement "But he's playing in the game, and he looks enthused in practice. He didn't score too many today, but that's just part of batting. Nasser will do what's best. I'm just delighted to have him in the team for his advice and his knowledge, plus the fact that I think he's a very good batsman."

Makhaya Ntini
On what the five-wicket haul means to him
"It was one of my dreams, one of my ambitions. This is my first Test at Lord's and I wanted to leave a mark for the new generation and for the black community. This is one of the greatest tours to come on."

On the issue of racism, which has plagued South African cricket "The people back home can see there is no colour issue. It's about how talented you are. I represent everyone in South Africa. Everyone in South Africa is behind the South African cricket team."

On Michael Vaughan falling to the pull shot "I was not really surprised. We had our plans."

On the 55-run last-wicket stand "It was good to see that. It shows the pitch is getting slower and that should be an advantage to our batters."