United Nations CC become first Austrian team to play in Croatia

United Nations CC will become the first Austrian club team to play in Croatia on Saturday, when they take on Zagreb CC, in Zagreb, at the ground used for the ECC Representative Festival last season, and are playing two friendly matches as part of their pre-season preparations, having taken on Pakistan CC last weekend in Seebarn.

Zagreb CC has been around since 1999, and in 2000 its players, representing Croatia inflicted a surprise defeat on Austria at the 2000 ECC Representative Festival, in Seebarn. In 2001 Zagreb CC played in the Austrian Open League, and the Croatian National Team once again played in Austria, playing in the ECC Trophy. Last summer, they played in the ACA Trophy Southern Division, and were ECC Representative Festival hosts, hosting Slovenia and Finland, with Finland winning the tournament, and also were hosts to the MCC. This year they return to the Open League and will once again be participating in the ECC Trophy in Austria.