November rain in Zimbabwe tends to be short and sharp, but Jupiter Pluvius obviously decided he could do something better for the Pakistani tourists.

He started his vandalism in the early hours of the morning, and continued to pour down his produce at a greater or lesser intensity throughout the day.

Long before the official announcement was made, it was clear play would be impossible at Country Club on the third and final day of the match between Zimbabwe A and the Pakistanis.

No result was possible even on first innings, as only 13 wickets fell.

The leading Pakistani batsmen all enjoyed good innings, though, except for the unfortunate Yousuf Youhana, and their bowlers had a reasonable workout.

For Zimbabwe A, Guy Whittall must have ensured his return to the Test team with a fine unbeaten 67, but perhaps none of the young hopefuls in the team were able in two days to give irresistible evidence to the selectors of their claims.

The rain looks to be well set in, but in November it rarely lasts more than two or three days at the most. Both teams will be hoping that Jupiter Pluvius does not again intend to depart too far from his usual policy.