Cricket Council of Americas Development Symposium all set for Florida

Revd. Wesley Hall, WICB President, heads the list of speakers at the CCAM Development Symposium. Register now & share in this exciting venture. The venue and playing fields are wonderful.

The Cricket Council of the Americas (CCAM) is the regional ICC authority for cricket development from Canada in the North to Argentina in the South. The West Indies Cricket Board, the only Full Member country, leads it.

Canada, Bermuda, USA, Argentina are Associates with Cayman Islands, Belize and the Bahamas leading the list of Affiliate countries like Brazil, Turks and Caicos etc.

The United States has long been recognised as the land of opportunity, the country where people are willing to take a risk in order to make dreams come true. This spirit of endeavour is very evident as the Cricket Council of Americas (CCAM) prepares to host the first ever Global Cricket Development Symposium at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Cricket is played in the United States, but you wouldn't know it if you asked the average American. It is certainly a minority sport and most it's following comes from the American immigrant populations from Asia and the Caribbean. These communities have flourished by establishing club competitions in a number of centres on both coasts. With over 400 registered clubs, the USA is in fact one of the largest Associate Members of the International Cricket Council.

The Cricket Council of the Americas (CCAM) is an organisation that was formed by the cricket playing countries in the region to promote cricket within the region. One of the first initiatives planned by CCAM was a Global Cricket Development Symposium to provide focal point for development in the region, and at the same time provide a global forum for discussion of development issues.

The symposium is scheduled for July 28th - 31st and will be staged at the Hotel Royal Plaza in Orlando, Florida. The organisers have attracted an impressive array of development experts from around the world while Reverend Wes Hall, the great fast bowler and current President of the West Indies Cricket Board, will oversee proceedings. Key note speakers include Andrew Eade (ICC Global Development Manager), Peter Ackerley (England and Wales Cricket Board Director of Development) and Ross Turner (Australian Cricket Board General Manager Game Development).

"We see the symposium as a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge and best practice regarding the development of our wonderful game", said Americas Regional Development Manager Robert Weekes. " We expect the majority of people attending to come from the United States, but are also relying on good support from the Caribbean and indeed all cricket playing countries. It is always a challenge to stage an event such as this for the first time, but we are confident that the symposium will become a regular event on the global cricket calendar."

In addition to the guest speakers the symposium will feature a range of workshops, display stands and a gala dinner. Cricket enthusiasts who attend will also get the added bonus of a tour of Disney World and the chance to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Orlando.

The symposium is open to the general public and represents a fantastic opportunity for anyone involved in cricket development of coaching to learn from the leading professionals in that field. Registration information and forms can be found on the CCAM website at www.cricamericas.com, on the CCA website Canada.cricket.org, or by phone from Irene Hanley, Hanley & Pertierra at + 1 910 215 0607.