With the last practice match done, we are looking to the final game against India and still have something to prove to ourselves.

The 4th ODI at Mumbai was typical in that we had the opportunity to take the game but failed to do so. It wasn't quite snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but it felt like it at times. Winning the toss and choosing to bat seemed absolutely the right thing when, by 23 overs, we were 89 without loss.

Aaron and Caroline semed to be coasting. But a rash of run outs, three out of our top four batsmen succumbing, left us in a different situation. It was the classic case of giving our wickets away and it infected the entire team. We ended up on 142 all out.

Going into the field, we knew that we would have to perform better than we had done so far - less extras, a tighter line and early wickets. It was a pleasure therefore to see Anju Jain returning to the pavilion after the first over - dismissed with a stunning catch by Mandie Godliman at first slip. But already I had given away two runs with wides - the ball swinging a fair way.

India made a positive start, but we bagged another wicket when their number two edged one to Jane Cassar for her first catch of the tour! As the wicket-keeper it shows the nature of the tracks that we have been playing on. Mithali Raj followed shortly after, courtesy of Dawn Holden, and the game was back in our grasp.

The arrival of Chopra, an even-tempered and thoughtful player, was always going to prove an obstacle, but we should have taken her wicket. It was her performance with the bat, partnered by her number 5 and 6, that steered the game away from us again, coupled with inconsistent bowling. Either we bowled fantastically, or we bowled the loose one that was clinically despatched.

This was perhaps John Harmer's key point in the match de-brief: consistency. Our stock ball needs to be better, we need to cancel out the loose delivery and maintain the excellence of which we are capable.

In today's practice match against the India A side, we cut it all a little too fine. Their tail wagged when it should have wilted and we took a few too many overs to remind ourselves that we were involved in a match.

In the end Sarah Clarke and Caroline Atkins steered us home, the former showing some much needed grit and hitting the ball cleanly. Sarah also bowled well, taking two for 25 off 10.

We have much to do tomorrow to win. We must get the simple things absolutely right and want to win with every ball we bowl or face. Anything less than this will see us lose the one-day series 5-0.

Beyond the cricket there has been little chance for relaxation. In the day between the 4th ODI and today's practice match we travelled from Mumbai to Pune - a 4.5 hour bus journey. Pune is a more cosmopolitan place; a large student population and a McDonalds. Tomorrow night's feast seems pre-ordained.

One game to go and still all to play for it would seem - especially pride.