Hussey makes cool $200k in one shot

West Australian batsman Michael Hussey made a cool $200,000 for one shot tonight when he connected with a sponsor's sign in a day-night match against NSW at the WACA ground.

The 26-year-old left-hander netted one-fifth of a million dollars for a neat sweep shot which connected with the ING sign at square leg off the bowling of Dominic Thornely.

It was understood the team had agreed before hand that the hitter would receive 40 per cent of the bounty with the rest being shared.

Hussey only made another 14 runs after the money shot, from which he will net some $80,000, before he was bowled by Blues quick Nathan Bracken for 45.

It was the third time that a player had cashed in at the WACA ground since the money offer was first made in the early `90s.

The cash will come as welcome consolation for Hussey after the Warriors' chances of making the ING Cup final evaporated during tonight's match.