Belize: Wicked Eleven and Surprise lead their zones at season's half way stage

Wicked Eleven of Flowers Bank Villages and Surprise of Lemonal have each won five games and amassed ten points to emerge at the top of the standings in the first round of the Harrison Parks National Cricket competition being played in Belize.

Surprize have played six games with one loss. Surprize Andrew Banner took 3 wickets to hold Taliban to 68 runs all out despite a creditable effort by Gareth Banner for 21 runs. The Surprize batsmen had no trouble equalling that score as Llewellyn Sutherland batted 26 runs for the Surprise sleven to score 69 runs for two wickets!

Brilliant's bowlers Perr Tillett and Kevin Tillitt took 4 wickets each, but could not stop Kenneth Hendy from batting 42 runs to lead Wicked Eleven to a 121 run. In Brilliant's turn at bat, Kevin Flowers and Troy Rhaburn also took four wickets each to hold the Crooked Tree eleven to a 67 run score even as Kevin Tillett batted 26 runs.

Anthrax bowler Ornel Nicholas took 4 wickets as Brian Cassasola batted 40 runs to lead United to a 133 run score all out.

Anthrax had no trouble equalling this score. Allan Terry batted 30 runs and eight wickets had fallen when Anthrax scored 147 runs for the win. United's bowlers Kenroy Roca and Emmanuel McFadzean each took 3 wickets.

Western Eagles' Andrew Perez took 5 wickets as Glickstein Bennett batted 41 runs to lead Sunrise of Lords Bank to a 95 run score all out. George Pook batted 38 runs as Western Eagles equalled this score and made 97 runs for 9 wickets.

The second round of the competition will comence on April 6. The present standings are as follows:

Zone OnePlayedWonLostDrewPointsSurprise651-10Sunrise541-8Taliban532-6Anthrax532-6United523-4Western Eagles514-2Berlan5-5-0
Zone Two Played Won Lost Drew Points Wicked Eleven 5 5 0 - 10 Brilliant 5 4 1 - 8 Long Journey 5 4 1 - 8 Bright Star 5 3 2 - 6 Magnum Strikers 5 1 4 - 2 Brave Union 5 1 4 - 2 Tropical Disturbance 5 - 5 - -