Prolonged and steady overnight and morning rain prevented any play during the second day of the Second Test match between Zimbabwe and South Africa at Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo. Zimbabwe were 154 for two wickets at the close of the first day.

The rain finally stopped in mid-morning, but extensive mopping-up operations were required and the sky remained heavily overcast. The umpires eventually decided that there was no alternative but to abandon play for the day and, if possible, to extend the hours of the subsequent days as provided for in the laws of the game.

A result would now appear difficult to achieve on a good, if slow, batting pitch. Zimbabwe's bowling does not appear to have the firepower necessary to bowl out South Africa twice in the time remaining, even if the batsmen should get enough runs. South Africa would have a better chance if they were able to break through the Zimbabwe batting quickly on the third day, which should prove crucial.