Kenyan captain Maurice Odumbe's criticisms of umpire Dave Orchard have earned him a two match ban from International Cricket Council match referee Justice Ahmed Ebrahim.

The ban means that Odumbe will miss Kenya's Standard Bank Series match against India in Port Elizabeth on Wednesday and the game against South Africa in Cape Town next Monday.

After Kenya's nine-wicket defeat against South Africa in Kimberley on Sunday, Odumbe said that one of the umpires had "not been friendly" to the Kenyans. He claimed that the umpire, who was not Wilf Diedricks, the other official standing in the match, had said that he hadn't "come here to listen to your bullshit" when asked to change his position to allow a bowler a clear run up.

Odumbe also said that the umpire had been unco-operative when asked to clarify no ball calls.

A disciplinary hearing was held in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday morning chaired by Justice Ebrahim at which Odumbe was found to have violated Clause 8 of the International Cricket Council's code of conduct which reads:

"Players and/or Team Officials shall not make any public pronouncement or media comment which is detrimental:

(a) to the game of cricket in general;

(b) to a particular tour (whether or not they are personally involved with the tour); or

(c) to relations between the Home Boards of competing teams."