Kenyan captain Maurice Odumbe has charged that umpire Dave Orchard, one of South Africa's most senior officials, was "not friendly" towards the east Africans during Sunday's Standard Bank One-Day International in Kimberley.

Odumbe claims that the umpire said "I did not come here to listen to your bullshit" when he was asked by the bowler to move his position. Odumbe also said that Orchard would not clarify a query about his no ball calls, telling the Kenyans that they knew where the lines were.

Odumbe did not directly name Orchard, but said that the umpire who had upset the Kenyans had not been standing at the end from which the Kenyan captain had bowled. Wilf Diedricks was the umpire at the end from which Odumbe bowled.

Orchard is a veteran of 24 Test matches and 75 One-Day Internationals and is on the International Cricket Council's international panel. A former first-class all-rounder with Natal, he is generally well liked by players because of his feel for the game, although his blunt manner of speaking has sometimes been misinterpreted by people meeting him for the first time.

In terms of ICC regulations, Orchard may not comment on the matter.