South African players fined for smoking marijuana

A disciplinary inquiry was held by the South African cricket team Misconduct Committee in the West Indies on the suspicion that certain squad members had smoked marijuana as part of the celebrations on the team winning the Test series on April 10 in Antigua.

The following squad members admitted to smoking marijuana in the confines of a hotel room.

Paul Adams Roger Telemachus Andre Nel Justin Kemp Herschelle Gibbs Craig Smith

The accused all admitted their guilt and the Misconduct Committee (made up of team management and senior players) accepted that this was a one-off incident. The accused all expressed remorse, apologized and gave an assurance that this would not happen again.

The UCBSA views this offence in a most serious light and, following a recommendation from the Misconduct Committee, each of the above squad members has been fined R10 000 and they have all been severely reprimanded. They were informed of their right to appeal the decision.

Herschelle Gibbs was sentenced on 12 May last year to a fine of R15 000 and a three-international-match suspension for unbecoming conduct related to an incident on the eve of a One-Day International match against Australia on 14 April 2000. Of that sentence, R10 000 of the fine and the three-match suspension were suspended for one year.

The suspended sentence imposed on Gibbs, however, may not be invoked by the on-tour Misconduct Committee of the South African cricket team in the West Indies as it was not handed down by that committee. It was handed down by a Disciplinary Committee convened by the General Council of the UCBSA and thus the tour Misconduct Committee does not have the authority to invoke it.

The United Cricket Board will review the situation as soon it has had the opportunity to do so.

A second inquiry was held by the Misconduct Committee following an incident between Daryll Cullinan and Roger Telemachus during a match in Montego Bay. The Misconduct Committee recommended that Roger Telemachus be fined R1 000 for verbally abusing another player and another R1 000 because it was his second offence on the tour. He also apologized to Daryll Cullinan. Daryll Cullinan was fined R2 000 for leaving the field of play during a match without the consent of the captain. Both players were informed of their right to appeal the decision and the UCB accepted the Misconduct Committee's recommendation.