Captains Comments after the 3rd One-day international at Sharjah

Here are the ODI 3, post-match comments by New Zealand captain Craig McMillan and Pakistan captain Waqar Younis.

'Afridi took it away from us', says Craig McMillan

On his side failing to defend after putting up a good total?:
'Unlike other days, there was dew on the field and that was why the ball was changed three times. The wet ball was difficult to hold. But I would not like to make that excuse for more than anything else it was Shahid Afridi who took the game away from us in the first 10 overs. His innings really changed the equation.'

McMillan - on the losing sidePhoto AFP

On his team losing two matches out of two?:
'Well, this is a young side, and each one of my charges is going through a learning process. We are not too used to weather and pitch conditions here. We are not going to learn this in two matches or four. But this experience would come quite handy when we visit Sri Lanka for a one-day tournament.'

On whether he was happy to finally get amongst the runs?:
'Well, of course. But at that stage I was looking forward to a bigger score. I am disappointed that it didn't materialise.'

On whether Daryl Tuffey's absence made any difference?:
'Well, Tuffey is our main strike bowler and he had taken some good wickets in the previous games, so his absence was felt. But more than that I suppose we were hurt because we bowled too many bad balls. We would bowl four or five good deliveries, and then a bad ball would wipe away the advantage.'

On his strategy for the remaining games?:
'Since the batting has done quite well, with Matthew Sinclair scoring a remarkable hundred, I believe we really have to work at our bowling.'

On whether he was enjoying the captaincy?:
'Yes, very much, it's a challenge, every new game every phase of the game is a challenge. That said I would have liked to have a win or two under the belt.'

'It was a good toss to lose', says Waqar Younis

On how and why Pakistan's chase came good?:
'This has to be acknowledged that we are not good at chasing, but today Shahid Afridi played a great innings. He was a treat to watch and he made the match totally one-sided. Then Saeed Anwar and Inzamam too chipped in with a highly professional performance.'

Waqar - winning skipperPhoto AFP

On his strategy of holding Anwar back?:
'Well, Afridi, Imran Nazir and Anwar all are openers. What I wanted Afridi and Nazir to do was to do maximum damage in the first 15 overs. They did a tremendous job, they did it sensibly and aggressively at the same time.... It was a strategy that worked.'

On whether he had any reservations about the chase?:
'No, I thought that the Kiwis should have scored more. But in the end we contained them to what was a gettable total. We actually performed very well in the field. The fielding was quite good compared to the earlier game.'

On the dropped catches?:
'Well, the white ball some times is not all that easy to pick in the air. But I'm happy that everyone is working hard and giving his 100 per cent.'

On hindsight whether it was a good toss to lose?:
'Well, in a sense yes, because had I won the toss I would have batted first. But in the chase we also were helped because the Kiwis do not have good slow bowlers. Yes, it was a good toss to loose.'

On how was unity in the side, restoring which, he had earlier said, was his priority?:
'We are all enjoying it, both on and off the field and backing each other up. I hope it would continue.'

On whether he was enjoying the captaincy?:
'Yes, I do, it's a great challenge and a tough job but I am loving every moment of it. Personally, I may not have had as much success with the ball as I would have liked but the conditions here are difficult, especially in the first 15 overs. So all in all, I am happy. So far it has gone well.'